Inaugurated Mwache Dam Project Expected to be completed by August 2026

President William Samoi Ruto recently inaugurated the Mwache Dam Project, which is part of the Water Security and Climate Resilience program aimed at sustainably increasing bulk water supply to Mombasa and Kwale counties. Water demand in the coastal region exceeds supply, and over 50% of this demand comes from Mombasa County. Currently, only 55.3% of the demand is being met, making it crucial to invest in irrigation to ensure food security in the region, which is affected by erratic rainfall patterns.

To address the significant shortage of bulk water supply, the Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation is exploring several options, including the implementation of mega dams, such as the Mwache Dam, which is part of the Water Supply Master Plan for Mombasa and other towns in the coastal region. The Mwache Dam consists of a main dam with a capacity of 118 million cubic meters and two check dams upstream of the main dam for sediment management. The project, which is being implemented by the State Department for Irrigation, is expected to be completed by August 2026.

The construction of the Mwache Dam involves the construction of the main dam and body of Roller Compacted Concrete type, with a height of 84 meters and crest length of 530 meters. The reservoir capacity will be 118 million cubic meters. The project is being financed by the World Bank at a cost of Kshs 14 billion, with the Kenyan government meeting the costs of land acquisition, estimated at Kshs 4 billion.

Upon completion, the Mwache Dam Project will provide an additional 186,000 cubic meters per day of domestic water supply for Mombasa County, 36,000 cubic meters per day for Kwale, and 45,000 cubic meters per day for irrigation. The implementation of the project will also bring several benefits to the community, including the construction of modern schools, health facilities, and improved road infrastructure. The Kasemeni Police Post will be upgraded with a new administration building and staff quarters.

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