Message From Davis Chirchir, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Energy & Petroleum – E-Mobility Conference 2023

Energy plays a central and strategic role in Kenya’s aspirations of attaining a middle income economy status by the year 2030. Therefore, a rational, aligned, balanced, and sustainable energy ecosystem must be in place to achieve the Government’s quest to provide universal electricity access, in order to spur economic growth.

The ministry is undertaking reforms within the electricity value chain that are meant to enhance its ability to adequately serve the economy and safeguard the country’s position as the region’s economic hub through the provision of affordable and reliable electricity supply. Provision of reliable and affordable electricity, a role played by Kenya Power, is fundamental in the development of the E-Mobility ecosystem in the country.

The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum will work together with other relevant ministries to facilitate the implementation of a policy framework that will support the growth of the E-Mobility industry in Kenya. This will involve consideration to provide tax incentives for electric vehicles, investment in the charging infrastructure, and supporting research and development in this field.

There is an ongoing consultative process to review the retail electricity tariff to improve the competitiveness of the electricity sub-sector. Among the proposals is a special E-Mobility tariff for charging electric vehicles. This will promote better utilisation of the installed generation capacity especially if charging is done during offpeak hours.

By investing in E-Mobility, the country will significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels to the benefit of our environment and the health and well-being of the citizens of Kenya. Additionally, E-Mobility will open up job opportunities as demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure increases. The Government is committed to support the E-Mobility industry as the future of our transport system to attain a greener and more prosperous future for our country.

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