Message From Joy Brenda Masinde, Chairperson Kenya Power Board of Directors – E-mobility conference 2023

In the last two years, the country has witnessed increased interest from local and international stakeholders keen on investing in, and developing Kenya’s E-Mobility sector. If properly harnessed, this will lead to the enhancement of a formidable E-Mobility economy. Kenya can have a quantum leap ahead of other markets to become the continent’s leader in research, innovation and E-Mobility access, with high quality and costeffective products.

Kenya has increased electricity generation, mainly from renewable sources, and has also invested in transmission and distribution networks across the country, with forays into the Eastern Africa region leading to over 75% electricity access across the country. For the last 100 years of existence, Kenya Power’s primary purpose has been to provide clean, affordable and reliable power to support the country’s aspirations. The Company has done this cognizant of the need to take care of the environment.

The growth of E-Mobility in the country and the region will play an impactful role in our economy, reducing the cost of transportation for the Kenyan masses. The reduction of Green House Gas emissions will help the environment, with Kenya doing her part in saving our planet and mitigating the effects of climate change. We are cognizant of the need to support E-Mobility and drive the development of adequate infrastructure to support the growth around this sub-sector.

Part of our mission as an organisation is to strive to provide world-class products and services to transform lives, as we ensure viability of our business. To this end, we are continuously streamlining our operations, to ensure our power distribution network is robust and able to anticipate our customer base’s growth and future needs. Being well aware that the E-Mobility ecosystem heavily relies on our organisation to thrive, an E-Mobility Steering Committee within the Company has been set up. The Committee is working on various strategies that will guide the organisation towards full success of this nascent industry.

We are collaborating with the various stakeholders in the E-Mobility ecosystem, and offering support in setting up a vast charging station network. In our quest to build capacity, our Institute of Energy Studies and Research (IESR) is poised to become the premier training and research centre on E-Mobility. We welcome investors and partners interested in research and development to collaborate with us towards the realisation of this vision.

As we embark on the next century of serving the Nation, E-Mobility is most definitely one of the emerging and exciting opportunities to grow our business. Our Company will continue to respond to market dynamics as we seek to identify potential opportunities. We must be agile and proactive in modelling our business on a path of transformation to become a utility company that is futureproof.

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