This Week in Review; IEK Urges Resuscitation of Stalled Infrastructure Projects in Kenya

Another week comes to an end and with it goes the month of April. We started this review series this month and highlighted top stories making headlines in weeks two and three. The month ends with some activity at the Institution of Engineers of Kenya(IEK).

IEK held their 51st Annual General Meeting on Friday the 28th of April. The meeting had both in person and virtual attendance to accommodate the growing number of members joining the institution. IEK reports to have experienced a 21% growth in membership over the past one year. This growth was also experienced in the institution’s revenue which was reported to have grown from Ksh 125M to Ksh 172M, a growth attributed to increased pool of sponsors as well as improved revenue collection.   

On the side lines of the AGM, IEK leadership led by President Eng. Erick Ohaga, in a press statement, expressed concern over a high number of stalled Infrastructure projects in the Country. Eng. Ohaga called for resuscitation of the stalled projects which he noted most had stalled due to financial challenges while a few as a result of disputes and design challenges. IEK went ahead and offered potential solutions including engaging the Government both at National and County Level to discuss alternative financing options for infrastructure projects. This is a very bold and important move by the IEK because this is a situation that directly affects IEK’s core membership. Like IEK further notes in the press statement, Stalled projects renders many of her members jobless.

This is a conversation we’ll keep tabs on in the next few months to see which direction it goes.

In other news that made headlines in the week, there were wins for the Kenyan Engineering Fraternity as the Cabinet Secretary at the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum made several appointments at Key state corporations in the ministry. There has always been a push by the Engineering Fraternity to have Engineers Head Engineering related state corporations so it was a win in this respect when Dr. Eng. John Mativo was appointed as the New Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at KETRACO while Mr. Paul Ngugi was appointed in a similar position at Geothermal Development Company.

Well, there you have it from us at Engineered. We wish you a successful month of May and as always, we’ll keep tabs on noteworthy developments in the Engineering Industry and post them here for you.

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